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30-Day Treatment Programs


Treatment isn’t a one size fits all. If you are considering a treatment program in Salt Lake City, there are a few important things to know. First, there are two different types of 30-day treatment programs, inpatient residential, and partial hospitalization. 30-day treatment programs are the most cost-effective, however, it must be known that they are no walk in the park. Most of the days in this type of program one will be undergoing treatment and not much else. While the programs offer a multitude of different therapies, they are not for everyone.

Short Term Treatment Plans

We understand that recovery can be an intimidating process and that is why we are always available to lend a helping hand at 385-327-7418, available to assist and answer any questions you have and help aid you in your journey to recovery. If the 30-day treatment programs sound right for you, we will match you to the perfect program in Salt Lake City. We can provide more information if you are undecided, or simply help you with your next move towards sobriety. There are a variety of recovery options available, and we want to provide the best choice for you.

Medical Care Treatments

Individuals dealing with more severe forms of addiction are not recommended to take part in 30-day treatment programs. These individuals will benefit more from longer length therapies. However, if you are an individual dealing with time constraints and can commit to the rigorous therapy the 30-day treatment entails, this type of treatment may be for you. Most of these programs offer treatment through detox and medical care. These programs can also act as a transition to less intensive outpatient programs. The programs can last from 14 – 30 days and have high completion rates. Addiction is a disease with relapse rates similar to diabetes and asthma which can be overcome. 

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When you start your recovery process, no matter the length or treatment choice there are four steps you will undergo. The 30-day process takes part in these steps, with the first being Assessment. During the assessment portion of treatment, a plan for your treatment will be created based on what will best benefit your predicament. Some of the factors that may determine your plan include:

  • Mental Health (PTSD, depression, anxiety)
  • Severity of Addiction
  • Physical Health

These will be assessed to determine which path to recovery is the best for you, and although it may feel invasive, it is important to address these factors to provide you with the treatment that will be the most effective.


The detox portion of rehab, and one of the arguably most intense areas, involves weaning oneself from their addiction. During this time an individual will experience symptoms of withdrawal, which can include (and varied by substance):

  • Vomiting
  • Seizures
  • Depression
  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Sweating

While these symptoms are scary, they will occur while in a supervised environment. Since the symptoms are occurring during treatment you will be aided by professionals who will do the most they are capable of to healthily manage your ailments. When detox is managed at a facility it decreases the likelihood of relapse as well as the likelihood of an individual hurting themselves or someone else while going through withdrawal. Detox can be difficult, but it is a stepping stone on the road to recovery.


While the types of therapies utilized may be different depending on whether you chose inpatient or Partial Hospitalization, rehab therapy is the next crucial step in your 30-day treatment. Therapy is essential in discovering what drives addiction, which, once uncovered, can be addressed and help an individual dismantle the source of their habit. Some of the methods used in therapy include (but not limited to):

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • 12-Step Facilitation
  • Matrix Model
  • Contingency Management Interventions

These therapies are designed to further help an individual separate from their addiction, in a thirty-day setting they are more intensive than a longer therapy. However, the effectiveness is no less and designed to get the root cause of addiction and to help you recover.


Finally, on the last day of your 30-day journey, there is aftercare. Aftercare is designed to help maintain sobriety, the point of aftercare is to transition you back into day to day life and minimize the risk of relapse. There are facilities solely dedicated to aftercare, and a variety of therapies available. Depending on your needs, you may find continuing the therapy from your program to be beneficial or taking a more group-centered approach such as going to group counseling or taking part in a 12-step program to assist you as well. Making sure to participate in aftercare significantly decreases the likelihood of relapse and can be an ongoing process, but having a support system, or even finding a sponsor will be beneficial in the long run.

End Addiction Today

Imagine this, you are 30-days from being drug-free. A simple phone number away. Remember, the 30-day process is intensive and for individuals who are not dealing with severe addiction. You can choose to live with a community support system or maintain your freedom but strongly commit to your rehabilitation. With the wide range of therapies available, now is as great a time as ever to commit to your healing. There is a perfect program for you in Salt Lake City full of community, and people who have been waiting for their chance to help you.

Unsure whether 30-day treatment programs are right for you? Let us know and we can find the program that is! We want to help you, even if you simply need more information, we can assist with that. Your healing is ultimately up to you. If you are ready to commit then your life of sobriety is simply 30 days away. Call one of our specialists at 385-327-7418 today.

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Types of 30-Day Treatments

Inpatient Rehab

There are two forms of 30-day Treatments, with the first being inpatient Residential. This treatment involves 24-hour treatment at a facility. Most of these treatment centers are community-oriented where you will experience detox with other individuals going through recovery. Most of these facilities also provide mental health assistance, and you may receive treatment from licensed nurses and therapists. Additionally, treatments at these centers can include group therapy as well as fitness activities. This option is best for those who may not have access to a substance free environment otherwise, those who have previously relapsed, and those who may be experiencing a mental health disorder as well.

Partial Hospitalization

Partial hospitalization allows one to participate in the typical intensity of the 30-day programs, without having to live at a facility. While it may seem similar to outpatient services, it is not the same as it requires an extensive portion of your day, and still requires the same level of commitment that staying 24 hours in a facility does. This treatment also offers detox but has less of a group component. This option is best for individuals who have obligations that require them to return home and individuals who have the ability to maintain a substance free home environment and a strong familial support system.