5 Things to Give Up in Recovery (Aside from Alcohol & Drugs)

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Recovery is about moving on and letting go. Getting clean from alcohol and drugs is important to the recovery process for an addict; but, those are not the only things we have to throw away in order to really get the most out of sobriety. We don’t get just to give up using and drinking and anticipate that our lives will become more rewarding and exciting. People who are addicted to drugs and alcohol must alter some damaging behaviors and harmful beliefs as well. When we are eager to give up some of these things, we have a chance to gain so much more. Here are five things to give up in recovery aside from alcohol and drugs:


Lies and dishonesty are big problems when it comes to sobriety. Individuals say that our skeletons in the closet keep us sick. The more we try to hide of who we really are and what we have done; only results in lying to people around us even more. As we get closer to drugs or drinks, our mental condition is trapped unaware that the drug-driven addict is hurting others to have what we want out of life.


It is a trend among alcoholics and addicts to be in toxic relationships. It also becomes obvious in rehab recovery that addicts cannot latch onto others to care for one another.  In a good way, recovery promotes newfound independence. It is safe to develop equal relationships with others, specifically peers in recovery and sober supports. Try not to build codependent relationships that you depend on for safety, sanity, and pleasure: it is counter–productive and self-destructive.


One major concept in the recovery group that we often hear is resentment. Typically resentment is similar to holding a grudge; but, for the alcoholic and addict, this bitterness will grow to define you if you do not let it go. Resentment is something we should seldom hold onto and we must repeatedly try to move on and let go of bad vibes. New resentments crop up all the time, it is essential to let things go and be self-conscious in order to throw away all our old baggage.


As alcoholics and addicts, it is important to remember that we must forgive while in recovery. Forgiveness is not just about addressing our hatred or those who we considered have wronged us: it also has a great effect when we let go our guilt. Forgiveness is the difference between growing and the burden that keep us gripped with the chaos and disconnected from reality.


Other than using or drinking, we should also work towards discarding the other habits that alcoholics and addicts harm themselves with. Some people also have other serious problems, whether it is eating disorders, cutting, or other hazardous behaviors. If your loved one wants to maintain a healthy recovery, they should look for ways to solve the issue their other issues as well.

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