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in recovery

Are you committing to a future of sobriety? Over 20 million people in America currently struggle with some kind of addiction. While this number is incredibly high, only a fraction of these individuals seeks actual treatment. This can be for a variety of reasons. A lot of treatment options can be costly, particularly for people […]

signs of hidden drug use

Estimates place the number of Americans with a substance abuse disorder around 21 million. For some context, that’s approximately the population of Florida. The recent opioid epidemic and it’s staggering human cost has helped put addiction back into the national spotlight. The problem is that it’s often too late by the time a person overdoses. […]

can you force someone into rehab

If someone you love has a drug problem, you know how difficult it is to watch them struggle. You want them to get help and end their addiction, but how can you when they won’t help themselves? Maybe you’ve thought about staging an intervention and you know this won’t get met with the best attitude. […]

stages of alcoholism

Alcoholism is a widespread issue in the US. It’s estimated that approximately 16 million Americans struggle with an alcohol use disorder. That number’s worryingly high for a preventable disease that packs serious physical, mental and social consequences. Depression, stress, anxiety, insomnia. Heart disease, cancer, liver damage, and death. These are just a few of the […]

how to stage an intervention

Over 23 million Americans suffer from alcohol or drug addiction. Unfortunately, many addicts fail to see that they have a problem, leaving their loved ones feeling frustrated and helpless. Learning how to stage an intervention can help you take back control and convince the addict in your life to finally seek help. Although addiction intervention […]