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how to stage an intervention

Over 23 million Americans suffer from alcohol or drug addiction. Unfortunately, many addicts fail to see that they have a problem, leaving their loved ones feeling frustrated and helpless. Learning how to stage an intervention can help you take back control and convince the addict in your life to finally seek help. Although addiction intervention […]

What are the Best Ways in Treating Heroin Addiction? Looking for heroin addiction help? You are in the right place. Heroin is a diamorphine, a particularly strong opioid drug, which affects the brain and body in such a way that it starts to change individual brain chemistry. In this article we will tackle the symptoms […]

The Meth Experience

Meth abuse is a progressive disease that goes through various stages. The first stage is the rush where in the abuser feels when smoking of injecting meth. The next stage is the High in which the user often feels aggressively smarter and becomes argumentative. Following is binging wherein a binge is uncontrolled use of alcohol […]

Life is complicated enough Why Add Prescription Drugs to the Mix

Many individuals, and not simply teens, believe that because specialists are the ones who normally recommend these drugs, they are ok for anybody to use. That is not true. In this way, why would somebody take a prescribed drug that wasn’t theirs? Research indicates there are some reasons. A number of addiction recovery centers in […]

Learn the Effects of Teens Alcohol Abuse

More than 23 million people over the age of 12 are addicted to alcohol and other drugs. Some teens try alcoholic beverages only a few times and stop. When teens can’t control their cravings for the substance, it turns into alcohol abuse. Alcohol is also a leading cause of teen death or injury related to […]

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