Utah is one of the top places in the United States for lethal overdose on prescription drugs. Anyone can be affected, but anyone can be treated as well. Whether it is a teen who found themselves too immersed in party culture or a middle-aged individual who is just trying to piece their life together, we can help. Addiction treatment in St. George, UT is available for you or a loved one. A populous border-town at the edge of Utah, St. George seems to have a little something for everyone. The city is filled with warm-weather year-round and attracts people from all over. St. George, nestled in the state’s corner, is starting to build an infamous reputation. The opioid crisis is raging across the United States, and Utah is not exempt.


The youth of St. George typically get into their parent’s medicine cabinets and pass around pills as party favors. Teenagers have been known to throw what law enforcement has termed as “Skittle’s parties,” where they will create a dangerous cocktail of different pills just to see what happens. “Skittle’s,” aren’t the only party they throw, resurrection parties are another popular choice. Teens will purposely overdose to experience being revived by a Naloxone kit, and the results are sometimes deadly. Call 385-327-7418 to speak about addiction treatment in St. George for yourself or a loved one. We are available to answer calls about treatment centers, therapy, or addiction overall. We are here for you. The consequences of addiction can be immense, but they can also be reversed and treated.


When considering potential therapies remember, one size does not fit all. Depending on the severity of an individual’s addiction and their lifestyle, there are different types of treatment to consider. First, there is inpatient residential, which provides 24-hour care in a sober facility. Inpatient can be good for severe addiction especially if long-term care is needed. The next is outpatient which allows the individual to tend to their day to day life while receiving treatment a few days a week. Lastly, partial hospitalization, which is similar to outpatient, but requires more time out of one’s day and is more intensive. There are also short and long-term treatments appropriate for the severity of the addiction.

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There are a few options regarding addiction treatment in St. George and surrounding areas. However, before selecting an appropriate treatment center there are a few things to know. The first thing to know is if a facility is properly accredited, look for accreditation from:

  • CARF International
  • The Joint Commission
  • Council on Accreditation

More so, consider the facilities approach to therapy, are the therapies used proven through research? Next, consider the length of treatment, and where an individual may be receiving treatment. The individual may need to relocate for treatment. Next, what does the facility offer as far as aftercare services? Lastly, payment will need to be considered, you may need to look outside of St. George for treatment if you need payment assistance.



St. George may make an individual more susceptible to addiction with the availability of substances. Las Vegas is a trip away, and it is likely some of its drug culture seeps into St. George. Individuals seeking recovery need a sober and supportive environment. Before selecting their treatment center and options, one needs to evaluate if staying in their current city will be the most beneficial to their recovery. Can they create and maintain a sober environment? Is the community surrounding the individual conducive to their success in recovery? What are the chances of factors in their current environment contributing to a potential relapse? These are all questions that should be considered before selecting one’s rehab.

Should the answers to these questions be less than ideal, don’t worry, there are options. An individual who will not have the ideal treatment setting in their current city is not a lost cause. In fact, this just means the treatment facility for this individual is elsewhere. Expanding your options beyond your current horizons will likely lead you to the best chance for recovery. Individualized treatment is a must when it comes to rehabilitation because addiction looks different on everyone. Finding the best treatment option will involve a bit of research because finding the rehab and therapy that will work best for an individual is a necessary act of care. The therapy that will be the most compatible for the individual is what will aid the individual in maintaining sobriety.


Leaving what one knows to begin a journey to sobriety may seem intimidating. However, no level of intimidation should deter an individual from the benefits of starting over. A new setting offers a fresh start. The sober supportive environment that can’t be established close to home is a reality in a new city. The new city gives the potential patient a greater sense of privacy and allows them to focus on creating a healthy life that they deserve. More so, they are away from the factors that likely contributed to their initial addiction. Getting away from home for therapy is also more effective for an individual in whom inpatient is the best treatment option for them. Leaving home for inpatient is often more successful, the individual is less likely to leave treatment as a result.

Another thing to consider is treatment availability. Remember the different options, long-term vs. short-term and inpatient vs. outpatient. What is available in your area? After considering that, consider the many forms of therapy as well. What type of therapy is going to best fit the individual’s needs? Some therapies are more group-centered and have facilities like gyms, pools, and tennis courts. Other therapies may be more individual-focused or have alternative and spiritual centered therapies. No therapy is any better than another on its own, but a certain type of therapy will likely be better depending on the individual. Making sure the individual is treated in a facility that will match their needs is essential. Sometimes, finding that facility involves looking into a different city.


Don’t rule out St. George altogether. Although, it is beneficial to explore your options, sometimes you do so and find that staying close to home is the best option. Staying in St. George, UT will likely be a viable option for an individual who has chosen outpatient as their therapy. Staying close to home for outpatient will allow the individual to increase the time they spend in outpatient. The more time spent in outpatient the more successful the individual’s treatment will be. Additionally, when an individual stays close to home their transition to aftercare services is typically more successful.


Aftercare transitions the individual back into everyday life while they embrace sobriety. Since the individual is being exposed to the same environment that they were in treatment, it makes the adjustment easier. Finding the right center for you or a loved one doesn’t have to be difficult. All you have to do is dial 385-327-7418 and we can help you find a treatment option that will work. You don’t have to search alone; we can answer questions and assist with any concerns you may have. We want to help you find what is truly best for you or a loved one, call today.