Life Lessons: Don’t Add Prescription Drugs To The Mix

Many individuals, and not simply teens, believe that because specialists are the ones who normally recommend prescription drugs, they are ok for anybody to use. That is not true.

In this way, why would somebody take a prescribed drug that wasn’t theirs? Research indicates there are some reasons.

A number of addiction recovery centers in Utah says that while various teenagers take prescription drugs to get high, many teens, particularly young girls, take them to help them focus when concentrating on or to deal physical agony. Indeed this kind of use is considered “abuse” and is illicit since the drug was not recommended for that individual.

Is it unlawful as well as it may end up affecting your health? Even if you take after the directions on the labels, those guidelines were written for another person. For example, different body weights require distinctive dosages for some prescriptions.

You may be stating, “Great, my companion took a prescription drug that wasn’t hers and she was alright. What’s the big deal?” Maybe for your friend, or even you, it was fine that time-but that may not be the situation next time. Some people aren’t so fortunate (like Heath Ledger) Different prescription drug have distinctive effects. For example, abusing stimulants could result in your blood pressure to wind up dangerously high or lead to an unpredictable heartbeat. Or if opioids are brought with alcohol or antihistamines, they can make you stop breathing.

Writing this helped me to remember a story I heard about of an acquaintance that chose to attempt Oxycontin at a party. She had been drinking when she took the pill and didn’t realize that Oxycontin blended with alcohol can have some really awful effects. She got to be bewildered, got separated from her friends, and passed out. Luckily, her friends found her and she recouped. She chose never again to take that sort of risk however its excessively terrible she needed to experience such an unnerving ordeal before making that decision.

When you’re faced with the alternative to use a prescription drug that is not yours, stop and ask yourself…  Is this something I truly need to add to the mix? Would I like to take the risk of putting myself and my companions through what could happen? In case you’re reading this, you’ve shown that you think about yourself and your future. Show you care whenever you face a tough decision about whether or not to pop a pill that is not yours.

The abuse of prescription drug is prevalent nowadays in the United States. The abuse is the use of such prescription drug in a way not intended by the prescribing doctor. Fortunately, there are available prescription addiction recovery centers that can offers treatment that re essential to break free of your prescription drug addiction.

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